When you’re in the throes of passion with a partner, it can be hard to keep the volume down – but most people will be mindful and considerate of their neighbours when getting intimate.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

One woman, however, was left furious at the “p*rno noises” that were coming from her downstairs neighbour because they were stopping her from getting to sleep.

She said she understood that being in an apartment would come with the “occasional” noises from neighbours, but she claimed that this was far more of a regular occurrence. “My downstairs neighbours have been having very loud sex anywhere from 12am to 3am”, she fumed.

Taking to Reddit’s ‘Neighbours from Hell’ forum, the woman furiously explained that she could even hear the noises the woman was making through earplugs.

She penned: “My downstairs neighbours have been having very loud sex anywhere from 12am to 3am. And it’s the girl making unnecessary p*rno moans that’s waking me up.

Mind you I wear earplugs almost every night because my boyfriend snores super loud, and I can STILL hear them. And of course, he could sleep through the house collapsing so he doesn’t hear a thing.

“I waited for a while to do something because I thought ‘Oh maybe this won’t happen all the time’ but it has been happening at least twice a week.

It’s now to a point where it’s ruining my sleep and I’m thinking about writing a friendly note. What would you do? I’ve already banged on the floor and that didn’t seem to slow them down.”

In the comments, some urged the woman to “fight fire with fire” and speak loudly using a “microphone” when they’re asleep. One said they had a similar situation, writing: “I had downstairs neighbours like this many years ago.

But it wasn’t twice a week, it was once or twice a day and at random times. It was a small apartment building, ten units, so I’m certain I wasn’t the only one who heard them. I just heard them, or rather her, the loudest. And she was loud as hell.

“I’d stomp on the floor right above them. One day, mid-stomp, they stopped. A minute or so later, I heard their door slam shut and then an aggressive knocking on my door.

I answer, and the dude and I briefly get into it. He ends up telling me that they are trying to conceive (which explains the frequency), and I end up telling him the obvious that this is an apartment and consideration for others is necessary.

“I was young and working hard to pay for a nice place to live, but I couldn’t even have company over due to this situation. It wasthatbad. After that, it was much quieter, and several months later they ended up moving out.”

Someone joked: “Why is it not immediately obvious to folks in this situation to just blast the Benny Hill theme song using the loudest equipment they can afford”, and another suggested: “Clearly you need more sex, at least twice a week. Wake up your boyfriend and make some noise of your own….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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