Grace, has narrated how her husband used to tell her to undress after coming back from prayers to check whether she was sleeping with men.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Grace met a man, they got married After Few years together. She joined a church where she could see visions and hear the voice talking to her about the church.

Grace stated that since she could accompany her pastor to the church and prayer centers to pray, her husband would say that they are in a relationship. When she returned home, Grace said her husband used to command her to undress in order for him to check whether she had slept with a man.

After many years, she decided to open her church where she used to pray and minister to people, but she has been going through a lot since there are people who could tell her that she is a devil worshipper. This has caused a lot of problems for her to an extent of inciting other church members who have left the church.

Grace said that the voice still speaks to her to open a church which she is planning to open…CONTINUE READING>>

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