A lady by the name joy has narrated how her ex-husband plucked out her eyes and fingers, forcing her to call him ‘God’ to save her life.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Joy says that her parents died while she was in Class Eight, and since no relatives wanted to take care of her other three siblings, she was forced to work to feed them.

She claims that she met her husband while still working, and because he promised to help with her siblings, she accepted him and they got married. However, he never fulfilled his promise.

Joy says they were blessed with four children, but one died tragically. She adds that her husband was always violent, and sometimes she would leave, but he would follow her and bring her back home.

Her husband became even more violent, prompting her to leave the children and start working elsewhere. On a fateful day, her husband threatened harm, so she returned home.

Upon her return, she found her husband had married another wife, but this did not bother her. He claimed he was joking and just wanted her to come back home.

As she went about her day, her husband attacked her, causing severe injuries. A neighbor who heard her screams rushed her to the hospital, where she stayed for a month. She pursued her case, but her ex-husband was set free and married again.

Joy says all she wants is for justice to prevail because she was left blind and with one hand paralyzed.

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