A young girl has narrated how her grandfather forced himself on her and got her pregnant and after she told her mother and grandmother they defended him.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to her the mother brought them to stay with the grandparents after they separated with they dad but she went back in Nairobi and left them under the care of their grand parents.

She claims that when her grandmother would go to her kiosk to sell she was left with her other siblings and grandfather at home and that when he called her in his room and forced himself on her.

After she told her grandmother and her mom they all defended him and told her she was lying and if she is pregnant it’s from her boyfriend she felt really bad and went to her aunty but the same case happened nobody listened to her.

She went to the area Chief and reperted the matter and he was arrested the chief took her to the safe house and she got a baby and she is now living their she is counselling seasons since this things is traumatizing to her.

She says that the matter is still in court but she has already forgiven them but hope that she will get her justice as a child…CONTINUE READING>>

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