Katian, a 75-year-old man, is the father to Phoina. He has narrated how his daughter ran mad on the day of her wedding and has not been able to walk or talk since that day.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to Phoina’s father, his daughter finished secondary school and went to the city, where she worked as a housegirl. While working, she met her boyfriend, and they fell in love and started dating.

His daughter introduced the man to them, and they blessed them. That’s when they planned a wedding. However, to their shock, on the morning of her big day, she woke up, dressed, and started running in the streets, completely mad.

They took her to the hospital, and the doctor gave them some painkillers. They went back home, and she slept. The next morning, she tried to walk, but all she could do was crawl, and she was unable to talk.

This continued for three years, and her groom decided to marry another woman. Now he is a husband and a father of three. Phoina’s dad says it really hurt him to see his only child, who was helping them at home, completely weak.

He believes someone used witchcraft on her daughter because even after visiting the hospital for years, the results always come out negative. The father is now pleading with well-wishers to help him by purchasing a wheelchair for his daughter so that she can move from one place to another…CONTINUE READING>>

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