A father of two has narrated how difficult it has been for him to carry his overweight daughter, who weighs 335 kg, to school every morning.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Innocent was born with a normal weight of 2.5 kg, but when she was three months old, she gained 10 kg. By the time they went to the hospital at six months, she weighed 18 kg.

The father says they got worried and took her to the hospital to check if she was sick. Despite thorough testing, the doctors detected no disease.

As concerned parents, they decided to visit another big hospital, where they were told that the baby needed to go abroad for further treatment. However, due to a lack of funds, they stayed at home.

Innocent is a very bright student, which is why her dad says he never gets tired of carrying her to school. He decided to build a basket for her to lie in, and three other men help to carry her.

Innocent gains weight every day, making it increasingly difficult for her dad to carry her as she becomes heavier.

The father has pleaded with well-wishers to help him raise the money needed to take his daughter abroad for advanced treatment…CONTINUE READING>>

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