AN influencer has shared his DIY hack for keeping his bathroom smelling fresh and fragrant. The content creator demonstrated how to use a handful of household items to clean your toilet.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The TikTok user, who goes by Hyper King ( @hyper_kelz ), explained: “I’m always asked why my bathroom is so fragrant, so here’s the secret.”

In his video, the TikToker told his followers: “First get a plastic bottle, then add half a cup of fabric softener.

The content creator then advised his viewers to “add just one tablespoon of baking soda” to the Coke bottle.

Next, the Hyper King recommended squeezing one whole lime into your solution.

He explained: “Make sure to use lime instead of lemon as they are much more acidic.”

The influencer told his followers: “To finish, just add one glass of water.

“Notice that the bottle didn’t get full and that’s exactly what we want. Make sure not to fill the bottle,” he said.

After closing the bottle, the TikToker showed his viewers how to poke a hole towards the bottom of the bottle.

“I heated up a screwdriver for this but you can use whatever you prefer,” he explained.

The Hyper King then showed his audience how to add the bottle to your cistern tank so that the DIY mixture gets released with every flush.

“Every time you flush the lime together with the baking soda, it’s going to clean your toilet,” he explained.

The TikTok user continued: “Also helping to kill bacteria and germs, which are usually responsible for bad odors like the urine smell for instance.

“The fabric softener will also leave a fresh smell in the bathroom. Every time you flush it you will have all the benefits,” the influencer said.

The content creator flushed the toilet to show his followers the end result.

“See a little bit of our mixture is already coming now, keeping the toilet always fresh and also fragrant,” he said.

“I will definitely try! THANK YOU!!!” wrote one impressed viewer.

Another follower said: “I will surely try it, that’s good thinking.”

“On my way to waste my money on these products,” commented a third person….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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