President William Ruto on Sunday reiterated his administration was working to address the rising cases of youth unemployment in the country.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

While speaking to the press at State House, Ruto revealed that his children were also affected by the lack of jobs in the country.

“Youth unemployment is something we must resolve. You Kenyans out of school out of college including my own children they speak to me, and they have no opportunities to work or to monetise their talents,” he stated.

According to Ruto, his children lack channels to monitize their channels or do whatever they want. He remarked that his children would also benefit from his efforts.

Notably, Ruto’s children include; Nick Ruto, Charlene Chelagat Ruto, Stephanie Jepchumba Ruto, June Ruto, George Ruto and Nadia Cherono Ruto. They have ventured into different fields including law, communication, and international relations.

Ruto’s children have kept a low profile and away from the public eye except for his second daughter Charlene who runs her foundation. Recently, she was selected as Kenya’s Blood Ambassador by the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, in the interview, Ruto added that this was a way to ensure all young Kenyans secure job opportunities after completing their education.

The President further shared the progress of the job deal between Kenya and Germany set to offer opportunities to 250,000 Kenyans.

“We just finished an agreement with Germany on how we will get more young people to be employed in Germany. These are the things that resonated with young people during the campaigns and I am doing them,” he added.

Ruto disclosed that the two countries had sealed the agreement and the signing is scheduled for September. The new timelines were different from the initial dates set.

The Head of State emphasised that Germany was looking to hire 250,000 employees annually and Kenyans would fill this gap. Germany recently revealed that it was searching for drivers and caregivers.

Besides the job deal with Germany, Ruto revealed that his administration had also held discussions with social media platforms such as TikTok to ensure Kenyans get value for their content.

“I have gone out of my way, I have called the leadership of TikTok. I am the one who convinced TikTok to get Kenyans to monetise the content on TikTok. I believe there are young people who are in other spaces who are not traditional but are interested in monetisingtheir talent,” he added…CONTINUE READING>>

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