Ann from Kiambu has narrated the pain she went through after losing her firstborn daughter. Her sister mistreated her when she was sick; to make it worse, she would take her for prayers instead of to the hospital.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Ann, a mother of two, left her kids under the care of her sister and traveled to Dubai in search of green pastures. According to her, she used her first salary to buy her sister a smartphone to be able to communicate with her kids through video calls.

Her sister never allowed them to communicate with their mother for more than two minutes. She stated that she would be online when she wanted to ask Ann to send her money. Ann would send her sister all her salary to take care of the kids. She had promised to save for her some cash to acquire some properties.

Her daughter, Bilha, who was 11 years old, was the one washing all the clothes in the house. She also used to lock her in a separate room where nobody would communicate with her. One day, Ann’s mother went to visit her sister. She realized that Bilha was suffering.

Upon asking her daughter if she had taken her to the hospital, she said that she had taken her to their church where she was prayed for. Her grandmother took her to the hospital and informed Ann about the condition of her daughter. She was sad and couldn’t imagine how her sister would mistreat her daughter and refuse to take her to the hospital.

Unfortunately, after two days in the hospital, Bilha was pronounced dead. It pained her a lot. She came for the burial, but her sister never spoke to Ann, neither did she tell her sorry for the loss of her child. When she asked her to give her the money she had saved for her, she promised to send her but has never sent her a single coin.

Ann said that she will never forgive her sister for what she did…CONTINUE READING>>

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