In the wake of widespread protests and intense pressure from citizens, several Members of Parliament in Kenya have issued public apologies for their support of the now-withdrawn Finance Bill 2024.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

While some leaders remain defiant, others have acknowledged their missteps and sought forgiveness from the public.

Here are the MPs who have apologised and the context behind their actions.

Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie was among the first to offer an apology after facing backlash for his comments regarding the anti-Finance Bill protests.

During a heated debate on the floor of the House, Kiarie had insinuated that the magnitude of the Gen Z-driven protests was exaggerated. He claimed that images circulating online had been doctored to make the crowds appear larger than they were.

“In the heat of the moment during the debate on the Finance Bill, my words were unnecessary, misguided and insensitive,”Kiarie wrote in a handwritten apology on Monday.”I deeply regret my utterances and understand the anger and frustration that exists in our nation. Anger that stems from decades of unresolved, but potent national issues.”

Central Turkana MP Joseph Namuar also issued a heartfelt apology to Kenyans for his vote in favor of the Finance Bill.

The contentious bill had sparked violent protests and resulted in tragic deaths, prompting Namuar to reconsider his stance.

Namuar praised President William Ruto for his decision not to sign the bill into law, a move that allowed for dialogue and reconsideration.”I laud him for the leadership he has exhibited today to show Kenyans that he can listen to their views,” Namuar stated.

He went on to express his regret for voting yes and asked for forgiveness from his constituents and the broader public.”If there is a way we did wrong for those of us who voted YES, we ask for your forgiveness,” Namuar said. “Also as your President’s foot soldiers, we ask for forgiveness on your behalf.”

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria took a more visual approach to his apology. He posted a picture on social media wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “I’m sorry,” standing alongside his wife whose t-shirt read ‘Forgive him’.

This public display of remorse came after significant backlash from his constituents and other Kenyans. Gikaria’s gesture was seen as an attempt to directly connect with those who felt betrayed by his support of the bill. The image symbolized his regret and his desire to make amends with the public…CONTINUE READING>>

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