Molo Mp has revealed the extent of the damage at his rural home. The extent of the looting at Molo Mp Kimani Kuria’s rural home has emerged.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The legislator’s Nakuru home was vandalized in anti-tax protests on Tuesday, June 25, as other things were looted.

4 people were arrested in the arson attack on the two-storey mansion.

The MP is the chairman of the National Assembly’s Finance and Planning Committee, which has been at the center of a storm over new tax proposals that Kenyans say are punitive.

Police had to fire teargas to disperse a large crowd of protesters, pushing their way into the MP’s property.

The protesting youths engaged in a fierce battle with police, throwing stones at them and into the compound, damaging the house’s windows.

In online videos, journalists were taken around the home and the compound where his animals were kept.

Some animals died in the fire, as others were stolen, . 3 cows each worth over 300,000sh were recovered alive out of the 6 stolen.

29 goats that were stolen were also recovered. 2 cars were burnt and the third was vandalized.

The protesters almost overpowered the police, but the security officers called for reinforcements and managed to secure the house.

The home is now under heavy security…CONTINUE READING>>

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