According to Healthline, both men and women tend to make dating and relationship mistakes that their potential partners do not want to be involved with them.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

However, men are more likely to make mistakes that discourage women, especially in the moments before getting physical. Here are some of the most typical mistakes men make just before getting ‘personal’ with a woman, and suggestions on how to correct them.

Ignoring her advice.

According to webmd, one of the most important things men can do to connect with a woman is to listen to what she says. It is especially important to do so in order to remain sensual with each other.

For women, the most attractive qualities in a man are attention and desire. If you don’t keep her company when you are together, you may give the impression that you only care about yourself. This can be very unpleasant.

Instead, pay attention to what your partner is saying to you. Ask her about her thoughts and feelings and show genuine curiosity. Doing so will not only make her feel appreciated, but will also help you understand her sexual needs.

Move too quickly.

Moving too quickly into intimate contact is another common mistake men make. As a rule, they try to rise quickly from a low starting point to a high level. This can give women the impression that this man is not interested in anything more than a sexual encounter.

Instead, it is best to slow down and let the moment develop. Observe their facial expressions and tone of voice to determine if they are enjoying your pace. If they seem uncomfortable, it is best to back off. Doing so will show her that you value her space and that you are not interested in her simply for intimacy purposes.

Lack of empathy.

Men make the mistake of thinking only of themselves before getting physical. This symptom is putting themselves first and ignoring the needs of the other person or only caring about themselves.

Instead, they need to care about their partner’s satisfaction as much as their own. Find out what your partner likes and wants and respond to it. By doing so, you show her that you value her as a person and not as a means to an end.

Overly aggressive behaviour.

One of the most common mistakes men make in the face of physical intimacy is to be overly aggressive. This includes both physical and verbal aggression, for example, when they insist on getting their own way.

To know how your partner feels about physical contact, you need to pay attention to her body language and vocal signals. If she seems uncomfortable, you should step aside.

Do not force her to do anything that makes her uncomfortable. If you match her pace, you will show her that you value her space.

Avoiding preparations for intimate moments:

Many women consider foreplay to be an important part of a satisfying intimate encounter. One of the biggest problems, however, is when men ignore foreplay altogether.

Instead, they need to engage in foreplay and get to know their partner’s body. Focus on what she likes, avoid what she doesn’t like and tailor your approach to her preferences. By being concerned about her satisfaction, you show that you want to provide the best experience for both of you.

You don’t talk to each other.

Physical intimacy trumps communication between partners. The most common cause of accidents in relationships is men not communicating their wishes to their partners.

Instead, he should be clear and honest with his partner about his preferences and comforts. Stimulate her to follow him. This way, there are no shocks or misunderstandings and both parties are on the same page.


Distraction is a common mistake men make just before intimacy. It can be anything from thinking about work stress to checking their mobile phone.

Alternatively, focus on the ‘here and now’. Close the door, turn off the TV and turn off all other sounds. This will help to satisfy their needs and make the time together more fulfilling.

Thinking too much.

Last but not least, some men take things too seriously before intercourse. This can make things too formal or threatening.

Instead, try to concentrate on having fun. The purpose of physical intimacy is for both parties to enjoy it. Do not shy away from using humour and playfulness. Doing so will make the room more comfortable and everyone will find it enjoyable…CONTINUE READING>>

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