The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has revoked licenses for 64 PSV Saccos in the country....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Saccos targeted operate the long distance routes and cities including Nairobi. The authority says the said Saccos were targeted for violating traffic rules hence endangering the lives of passengers.

The revoked Saccos are accused of various violations including the use of non-roadworthy vehicles and overloading, practices that have previously led to tragic accidents.

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Among the Saccos targeted are Mbukinya, Mololine, Kensilver, Kiambu united and Moro expres, Wamasaa. Others are Nyeri shuttle, Migori town matatu sacco, Famwena Ankuma among others.

Police have now been Ordered to impound the said vehicles if found on the road. NTSA reported that road accidents have increased this year as compared to last year 2023.

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“In 2024, at least 125 passengers have lost their lives in road crashes compared to 114 in 2023 with 43 drivers losing their lives in road accidents which is a decrease compared to 59 in the same period last year,”NTSA said.

“The annual socioeconomic losses in Kenya as a result of road crashes are estimated to be more than Sh450 billion. There is a need to sustainably finance road safety programmes and cost-effective safety investments in Kenya over the next decade,”

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It intimated that fatalities through road accidents increases by 7 percent in 2024 compared to 956 that were lost in 2023 same period..CONTINUE READING>>

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