Marriage Is Worthless To Me And Men Are Not Really Clean – Afro Candy

In a recent interview with Vanguard, Nollywood veteran actress and US-based adult film actress, Judith Chichi Okpara well known as Afro Candy has spoken about how she feels about getting married.

Speaking in the exclusive interview, The actress who is relocating said she is not looking for a husband as there are husbands everywhere. She said marriage is worthless to her and she likes her space alone.

In her words, She said: “I am not relocating home to find a husband. There are husbands all around the world. it is not all about just getting married. To me marriage is worthless.”

She talked about how she feels about living with a man. She said she is used to sleeping alone and she does not want any man on her bed anymore. She also feels men are not clean and they dirty everywhere and even snore and fart while sleeping.

“Am sorry to say, I don’t need anybody in my space. First of all, I am used to sleeping alone in my bed. I don’t want no man in my bed anymore.

Besides I am beginning to think men are not really clean.”

Afro Candy is not interested in getting married any time soon as she does not like anybody intruding on her privacy. She does not even want a man to sleep on her bed.

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