Manchester United Top Earners As The Wage Bill Hits The EPL Record

One of the most well-known and affluent teams in the English Premier League is Manchester United. The Red Devils have had recent performance issues; last season, they failed to make the top four.

Manchester United’s yearly pay spend has increased to £384.2 million despite a decline in performance. The club’s net debt went from £419.5 million in 2021 to £514.9 million this year, a rise of more than 22%.

Unrealized foreign exchange losses on the retranslation of US dollar borrowings were the cause of the £95.4 million rise, according to United.

Due to these losses, Manchester United has increased its pay budget in the Premier League. The loss is a result of the high pay costs incurred by elite players who benefit greatly from expensive contracts.

With that stated, let’s look at the top 10 earnings for the team:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo—£515,385 per week

2. David de Gea (£375,000/week)

3. Jadon Sancho (£350,000/week)

4. Raphael Varane (£340,000 per week)

5. Casemiro (£300,000/week)

6. Anthony Martial (£250,000/week)

7. Bruno Fernandes (£240,000/week)

8. Marcus Rashford (£200,000/week)

9. Harry Maguire earns £189,904 per week.

10. Christian Eriksen earns £150,000 per week.

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