A man revealed how the fear of his life led him to spiritually protect himself.

A 45 years old man from Kwara State said that he receives guidance and protection against enemies by the ancestors.

The man who was said to have been highly inflicted and tormented by the enemies said he believes so much in the powers of the ancestors because the powers are always with him.

According to the man he was sicked for over a year and half and was hospitalized, but didn’t know where he was until after two months. He told his family members to repent from evil because he was living in a different world where he met those that have died long ago.

His late father was with him throughout the period and he saw many things that cannot be disclosed owing to warning given to him, but the most surprising thing his late father said before he woke was that he should go to Queen Mother Spiritual home in Imo state for final treatment.


When he woke up he was pronouncing Queen Mother Spiritual home repeatedly and they asked what was that? He replied that he should be relocated to the place. They began to look for the place until the proper address was found as Queen Mother Spiritual home, phone+23407017419907.

He was discharged from the hospital and moved to the above location. The Spiritualist asked them to bring two live tortoise with some other Spiritual items to appease the ancestoral spirit guiding him.

They went and bought them for the sacrificial work and within 7 days he started recuperating rapidly and his situation became normal .The Spiritualist said he should be carrying out the sacrifice once in a year.

In case you need help or advice spiritually for any thing.contact Queen Mother Spiritual home for solution that proved beyond human interpretation.

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