Joshua has revealed how his mother changed after she got born again. Her pastor convinced her with a verse in the Bible about illegitimate children, which made her disown us when I was in class 5.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He was born in Machakos County to a single mother. Her mother was taken by a lady who didn’t manage to conceive before her husband died to bear children and give her to raise them as her own.

According to him, her mother never used to go to church, although she didn’t offend anyone in her day-to-day life. She used to work in Nairobi and would visit them twice a month carrying goodies.

When he was in grade 5, her mother got saved in Nairobi where her pastor convinced her to disown her three children since they were illegitimate and told her it was a sin. She wrote a letter to them saying that she has disowned them and should never call her mother.

After a month, she went to the village and told them exactly what she had written in the letter. She said she would get married and give birth to her children. Joshua and her siblings cried, but the grandma told them she would come back to her senses and apologize.

They suffered a lot since the grandmother couldn’t meet all their needs, yet she was old. It reached a point he hated women and would fast and pray for her mother to die, but that didn’t happen. His mother later died when he was on campus. He forgave her for what she did to them. He has urged people to be cautious of the churches they join since others mislead people…CONTINUE READING>>

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