A man identified as Solomon has narrated how he started masturbating after his girlfriend was snatched by his friend.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Solomon had a relationship with a girl. Their relationship was okay until Solomon introduced her to his schoolmate, who was his friend.

After one week, Solomon found his friend lying on his girlfriend’s bed. That’s when he knew that the girl was sleeping with his friend. After he shared this with another friend, he was advised to start masturbating in order to forget the girl.

Solomon now says that he has been masturbating ever since. His friend told him there is no problem with it and that he would stop after getting married. He says he has tried having girlfriends, but their demands are so high that he can’t afford them.

There came a time when Solomon decided to go on the streets to try sleeping with prostitutes, but he couldn’t afford to pay them. He stopped and went back to masturbating. Solomon says that he has tried going to churches and talking to men of God to seek deliverance.

But he has never been delivered. Solomon says that up to now, he still masturbates. He has urged young men not to involve themselves in masturbation since it is hard to stop…CONTINUE READING>>

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