Kelvin has narrated how his ex-girlfriend sent him her naked photo with another man in bed after he failed to do this for her.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He was born and raised in a western region. He got into a relationship with a lady he met in the area he was residing. They used to visit each other in their free time. His ex-girlfriend was a student and he used to support her with the little he used to earn.

He loved her and had plans of marrying her after completing her studies. One day she asked him to give her some money for the salon and to buy her stuff.

According to him, she asked him to send her 10k which he didn’t have. He asked her to be patient and wait for one week. The lady stopped communicating with him after two days he sent her 2k.

The lady reversed the money and sent him her naked photos with another man in bed. She went ahead and told him that was the kind of man she wants and that he should forget her in his life. He tried calling her but she had already blocked him…CONTINUE READING>>

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