Julias has narrated how he lost all his properties worth millions of money after he refused to have an intimate relationship with an old woman who was his workmate.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to Julias, he was a successful businessman who started by selling eggs at a wholesale price. His business thrived so well that he managed to buy a matatu, and the business was good enough for him to take a loan and buy another two vehicles.

He was doing so well in public transport that he was appointed as a leader. While there, there was a woman old enough to be his mother who used to tell him to have a relationship with her. Since he was married and had his own principles, he didn’t agree.

The woman was angry and she swore to destroy him. He didn’t take whatever she said seriously. He also said he is a believer and nothing bad would happen to him. After a week, his three vehicles were arrested, and he had to pay 60k to have them released.

The vehicles then started developing some mechanical problems one after the other. He used all his savings in the garage, and he was unable to service his loan. He was forced to sell one of his vehicles to reduce the loan, but things didn’t get better. The bank had to auction his properties since he was unable to pay the loan.

He was unable to even provide for his family. That’s when he decided to go to church where he was delivered. He has now started a business that is trying to pick up, and he has advised people not to be afraid to start all over again and, above all, dedicate their business to God…CONTINUE READING>>

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