A Kenyan man has sparked a heated conversation online after revealing how he almost found himself in huge trouble after going for a sleepover at a woman’s house.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to the man, he was in a relationship with the lady, but he did not know he was the other man until one day when the lady’s actual boyfriend showed up late at night.

He started knocking on the door crazily, and when he asked his ‘girlfriend’ who the lady was, she asked him to keep quiet while accusing him of destroying her relationship.

She then advised him to try to get away through the tiny balcony, yet they were on the fifth floor, and it took
security guards to make the real boyfriend leave the building.

His confession, which was read by TikToker @hannanoons, saw other men narrate horrible experiences they have gone through while in a woman’s house at night.

Comedian-turned-politician Jalang’o narrated he once slept in a woman’s house while advising men to
avoid spending the night in women’s homes.

The Langatta MP told men that most women lie to guys that they are the only men they are with, only for them to get in fights that can be avoided.

He added that a man should only sleep in a house they cater for such that if someone new comes in, they have the right to ask them what they want…CONTINUE READING>>

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