Lucy has narrated how, after she got sick, a pastor went to their home and told her that God had told him to use his private parts to heal her. Instead, she got pregnant.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to Lucy, she was brought up by a single mother, and after she completed school, she went to search for work and found one. While there, she met a man, and they fell in love, and she moved in with him.

They were blessed with three kids, but after she gave birth to the third-born, she felt sick, and when she went for a check-up, the doctor confirmed that she was having asthma. She was using medicine, which was expensive, and when her husband saw that, he ran away and left her with kids.

She decided to go back to her parents’ house since she was very sick and couldn’t work. Her mother called pastors to come and pray with her, but she never got healed, and they gave up and went. One of the pastors said that he would never give up on her and he would stay at their house and would be praying for her.

One day, Lucy says that the pastor woke up and told her that God had spoken to him and told him to use his private parts on hers so that she could get healed. But even after doing it, she never got healed, but instead, she got pregnant.

She says that after a while, she realized that she was pregnant, and when she told the pastor, he ran away and left her pregnant and very sick. She says that life has not been easy since she stays with her mother with her four kids, and she can’t work because her asthma is very severe.

She is now pleading with well-wishers to help her pay school fees for her kids because all of them are at home due to the lack of school fees, as her mother can only afford to buy her medicine…CONTINUE READING>>

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