What Is Likely To Happen To Your Penis As You Approach An Older Age

As men progress in age, the pènis undergoes several changes that are worth noting. As one enters older age, it is common for the pènis to become shorter, and the testes to gradually shrink in size.

Additionally, the cells in the pènis may become less sensitive, leading to a decrease in sèxual drive. Furthermore, men may encounter erèctile dysfunction and prostate issues, which can significantly impact intimacy and overall health.

The most noticeable physical change in the pènis as men age is a reduction in length. While a young man’s pènis may measure around five to six inches, an older man’s pènis may measure only four to five inches.

This decrease in size is primarily attributed to a decline in muscle, tissue, and blood vessel content in the pènis as men age. Moreover, the internal walls of the pènis may stiffen, resulting in decreased elasticity.

In addition to size reduction, the testes gradually shrink as well. This shrinkage is associated with a decline in testosterone levels, which occurs as men age due to decreased hormone production by the testes. Consequently, men may experience a decrease in libido, fewer erections, and difficulties in achieving ejàculation.

Furthermore, aging brings about decreased sensitivity in the penile cells. This implies that sensations experienced by the penis may be weaker compared to earlier years. Touch may be less pleasurable, and achieving orgasms may become more challenging. Additionally, erections may be more difficult to attain and may not be sustained for as long, resulting in fewer sèxual encounters.

According to healthline Erèctile dysfunction (ED) is also a common occurrence in men over the age of 40. It refers to the inability to produce or maintain an erèction sufficient for sèxual intercourse. ED can have a significant impact on a man’s confidence and his relationship with his partner.

Psychological issues, health conditions, certain medications, and lifestyle habits such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can contribute to ED.

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