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Leicester City Has Been Advised To Sign Manager Snubbed By Chelsea And Red Devils

Pochettino was dismissed by Paris Saint-Germain in July despite leading them to the Ligue 1 title. The 50-year-old has been linked with a number of high-profile jobs since but remains out of work and Ambrose says the Foxes would offer him an attractive route back into management....CONTINUE READING

“Why not” go for Mauricio Pochettino if you’re Leicester City

Leicester City should set their sights high if they decide to replace Brendan Rodgers. Darren Ambrose who believes a move for Mauricio Pochettino could suit both parties.

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“I think he should,” said Ambrose when asked whether Pochettino should take on the Leicester role if it was offered to him.

“I don’t think Leicester’s too small for Pochettino. Ok, he’s gone from Southampton to Tottenham to PSG, would Leicester be a step backwards? Potentially.

But he’s doing nothing at the moment and Chelsea needed a manager a couple of weeks ago, they went for Graham Potter.

Manchester United needed a manager, they went for Ten Hag, they didn’t go for Pochettino. So why not go for someone like that if you’re Leicester?”

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Leicester have been urged to target Mauricio Pochettino should they decide to part ways with Brendan Rodgers.

The perception of a backward step would not be the only potential hurdle to a move for Pochettino, however.

Ambrose also cited the huge costs which would be incurred by Leicester sacking Rodgers and the package the Argentinian would want to take over at the King Power Stadium.

“Money’s going to be an issue, I understand that, wages. It’s going to cost an awful lot to get rid of Brendan Rodgers and then an awful lot to get Mauricio Pochettino.

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So that’s the question mark and that’s probably the question mark as to why they’ve not got rid of Brendan Rodgers yet, because I’m led to believe £10million maybe it will cost to get rid of him.

And if they’re struggling financially as we think they are, they can’t afford to do that yet.