The best way to get wealthy is slowly but unfortunately this sounds cliché to most youths and adults of today.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Invite 20 Nigerian youths and give them the choice between 10 million naira or a tablet full of wisdoms of wealth.

You already know what they had gone for. 95% would for the 10 million and only the uninitiated would find it wise to pick the tablet.

Welcome to this dispensation where everyone wants to live life fast. They’re looking for fast money, fast cars but they really don’t know that it won’t last because they forsook the wisdom which could have been used in maintaining and multiplying the funds.

You can’t separate wealth from wisdom because wisdom begets wealth. King Solomon wouldn’t have been able to maintain his riches if he never had the wisdom. Seek first wisdom and wealth will be its by-product.

Quick and illegal wealth only brings ego but the beauty of trusting the process and building your wealth is that you also build character during the long and arduous journey to financial independence.

The character makes its owner stay on top of the game for a very long time and if eventually he/she loses it, he needs not worry because the wisdom wasn’t lost.

Have you ever wondered why lottery winners go broke a few weeks or months or months after winning? because the wisdom wasn’t there.

You can’t skip the learning process and expect to multiply your riches.

As it is said, life is in stages and it is the best teacher. When you earn money gradually through your own wisdom, you will be mindful and cautious of how you spend it.

But skipping the learning process blows away your funds within the blink of an eye. Easy come, easy go.

Without much further ado, the wisdom that attracts wealth and ensure its multiplicity are outlined below;

1. Wealth comes gladly and in increasing quantity to any man who will put by not less than 1/10 of his earnings to create an estate for his future and that of his family.

So many see this as a small amount but I promise you they can’t consistently keep up with it. Consistency is the key word.

Little earnings piled up everyday accumulate to great riches within a year. Although saving may sound cliché especially in this dispensation but it is still if it is done for later investment.

2. Your saved fund is your best and diligent labourer. Saving funds just for the purpose of saving and no future goal in mind is very dangerous as you have inflation to battle with.

To get out of the race with inflation, put your saved income to work. Let your money do the dirty job and multiply itself through wise investments.

3. Seek the advice of men wise in its handing. Be humble and be ready to learn.

Everyone has something to say so be careful of whom you seek advice from.

Seek advice from those at the top. The wealth of knowledge in handling money they’ve got would do you a lot of good.

You are the average of the five people you follow. Follow great people and riches will follow you.

4. Do not invest in what you have no knowledge about. Ponzi schemes here and there. Everyone is looking for quick ways to get rich. You have to be very careful of schemes you surrender your money into.

Ask questions, use your google and find out how authentic what you are about to put your money into. Do not invest in what you have no real knowledge about unless you will be beaten and I hope you fall shy twice.

5. Lastly, increase thy ability to earn. You will be shooting yourself in the foot by depending on a single source of income.

Even your heart depends on blood from multiple vessels to keep up with the supply.

Build multiple streams of income so when one gets to a dead end, the other fills in the gap for the meantime.

World’s richest man, Elon Musk runs more than six companies; Tesla, SpaceX, the boring company, Solar City, Neuralink, Starlink and open AI(Non-profit based). Be like him.

Expand your horizons and you will expand your earning ability….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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