Award-winning media personality Larry Madowo has exposed several people who have been sending him threatening messages.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The CNN international correspondent used his socials to share messages he had received from those yearning to beat him when they met on the streets of Nairobi.

In his message, Larry used GidiMajimaji’s song to clap back at those threatening him.

“I am unbwogable!” Larry fired back.

The threatening messages come at a time when a section of content creators had accused Larry of abandoning them during the anti-finance bill protests that happened on Thursday.

In a video online, the content creators could be seen lamenting that Larry did not protect them from the police.

However, Netizens have lectured the said content creators for masquerading as journalists without proper identification attires.

“Kwani, what’s required of a journalist to have in such moments…press card, press jacket, and a helmet…if they don’t have those, you can’t blame Larry for wasn’t his duty to defend them,”a netizen said.

Larry Madowo Here are Netizens who are standing with Larry Madowo  aminaabdirabar   Usitishwe!! We are right behind you  dj2one2   Bure kabisa. Stay strong we appreciate you. Viva  alfasamba   If they try touching you, we are dismantling this country for good.  miss_kisongochi   Shida ni Watu kutojua tofauti ya Content Creation na Professional Journalism. Larry is actually Unbwogable!  mullahdefrank   That’s a clear sign you need security personnel for your safety…that’s how Jacob juma was killed by William ruto  misssharz14   These are paid goons also sent to threaten you. These people can’t stand the fact that you gave such a good coverage of the anti finance bill protests. Isaiah 41:10 – Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Usitishwe  purple_jin_seok   Sasa content creators are mad juu larry alisema ni jaurnalist …..know your place people…. Larry is exactly who he thinks he is,…mkitaka endeni mcompete CNN  collo_kip   Ghai sasa watakupata wapi ? Wako na Passports hata ? Na sii zile picha za passport size please … tuelewane  ea_amadi   Why are these people threatening a fellow Kenyan…CONTINUE READING>>

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