Many ladied move to saudi Arabia with hope of finding work to better their families. But some don’t finish their contracts well.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

A lady by the Name Rhoda kerubo from Kisii county, Nyamache who used to work in saudi Arabia lost her life under mysterious circumstances. The story was captured by Ruth alada from Etaya TV

According to his brother,  rhodha went to saudi Arabia to work so that her child and family could have better life. Everything was going on well until one day she did a mistake that could have cost her life.

There was room her bosses warned her not to enter and it was always locked. One day her bosses left and forgot to lock the door to the room. As rhodha was taking garbage to the dustbin she was curious and entered the room. There she was something like a cat but with human body. She quickly ran took her bible and said to the idol to be defeated in jesus name and the idol fell down.

At night she felt something piercing her like cat and when she woke up, she saw blood oozing from her leg. In the morning she found the wound fresh and from there she started being sick despite medical condition. Her  bosses made her work for long hours and from there, she started to cut communication to her family. When she communicated, she would say she was fearing for her life as her boss could jokingly tell her she will not make it alive.

She only came home unannounced with only a bag of clothes with sweets and biscuits. When asked why she said it is her bosses who packed things for her.

Rhodha was in bad health and the wound  remained ever fresh until her death two months after arriving in Kenya.

Her mother says she died in her hands and in last moments felt something stuck at her throat and asked for water. Later she complained of chest and stomach pains and she died…CONTINUE READING>>

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