Mercy (not her real name) revealed her regrets about sleeping with her Best Friend Husband, Which she keep on regret after doctor told her this.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to her, her best friend used to praise her husband’s romantic and adept skills in bed whenever they met. This left Mercy feeling bad, as she has never dated a man who is good in bed and received such treatment from any man she had dated.

A few months later, while out clubbing, Mercy encountered her best friend’s husband. They enjoyed drinks together and eventually started dancing. Later that night, they booked a guest room and spent the night together. Mercy admitted that she succumbed to her best friend’s description of her husband’s abilities, as the man fully satisfied her.

Even after two days, she found herself longing for the encounter and initiated further contact with the man. They had another passionate encounter, but a week later, Mercy began experiencing pain below her navel accompanied by excessive sweating.

A visit to the hospital and subsequent tests confirmed that she had contracted genital herpes. Now filled with regret, Mercy warns young girls to be cautious with men and urges them to learn from her mistake…CONTINUE READING>>

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