Rose’s story will move you to tears as she explains how her husband, who was the first man she ever slept with, abandoned her with three children and a depression that saw her fall into the trap of self-pleasure several times a day.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Rose was born in a rural area, and according to her, her parents were poor and could not afford to pay for her school fees. After she finished her primary education, she came to a city to work as a house help.

Rose said that while she worked, she met a young man, and she quickly fell in love. Within no time, Rose became pregnant, and the two started living together. Rose gave birth to her first child followed by another child two years later.

According to Rose, her husband was a drunkard, but she used to do odd jobs like selling fruits and vegetables in her locality. Unfortunately, when her second son was one year old, Rose became pregnant with her third child, and this is when things changed around the house.

Rose said that her husband wasn’t ready for another child, and he started mistreating her. He would come home drunk and beat Rose whenever she asked him for money, and this resulted in Rose stealing from him when he was drunk.

Nine months down the line, Rose was in labor, and she was taken to the hospital, where she gave birth to a baby boy. Rose never saw her husband, and that’s when she realized that he had abandoned her in the hospital.

According to Rose, she called her parents who offered to pay for her medical bills, and she was discharged. Rose resented her husband for abandoning her and their children. She said that he never came to see or even call them.

Rose said that she hated all men, and she had the fear of starting a new relationship, and this is when she started pleasuring herself. The behavior started as a one-time thing but later became an addiction.

“I would pleasure myself six times a day,” Rose said.

The addiction has become so serious that she is asking for professional help from anybody who is willing to help her. Rose said that she can no longer function well since all she thinks about is self-pleasure, even during the day…CONTINUE READING>>

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