A lady recounts how she took revenge on her stingy husband who usually searches her body for money after each sale at his shop.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The lady took to the Facebook platform to share how her husband usually pilots their home affairs. She revealed that she stays in the shop with her husband and he doesn’t allow her take a dime for anything.

The lady revealed that the height of it got to a time when he had to search her body for money before they closed for the day.

According to her, she decided to exact revenge when she found out that all the papers of his properties have his brother’s name as next-of-kin.

Ever since then, she began stealing from his shop to the point the man’s business began to suffer.

Read her full narration below …

“Mummy favour welcm have waited to share my story wit u, my husband has a shop where he sells school accessories, i do assist him without pay i was very virtuous but i notice he doesn’t let me take any kobo, he would search me after each sales and before we go home, he strips and naked me one day he even put his hands in my vagina to check if i hide money there he doesn’t give me one cent we buy food from the market he buys it himself, i still didn’t worry because i was thinking am building with my husband, year to year i will not have one cent to my name i wear same clothes he hardly send money to my family. We moved to our own house that’s when i saw his documents all his documents have his brother and mother as next of kin even the land papers are in his name and his younger brother, none has my name or the kids name. I asked him that night and he told me am not his family that if he die today i will remarry with his money and that his family will be the ones to take care of the children. That was the day my eyes opened i started stealing and hiding money in dustbins and places he won’t notice, he brought his younger brother to the shop to help assist him i quickly activated my violence i started stealing massively his brother was also stealing that one bought keke and none of us knew until the keke driver had problems and they came to call him from the shop, the shop was going down so my husband started looking for money lender to borrow money from, he borrowed the money and the shop still went down he couldn’t pay the money lender so the money lender put the shop up for sale big mummy guess who bought the shop and everything in it ur humble student, I…CONTINUE READING>>

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