Faith Wambui, a Kenyan woman formerly employed as a maid in Saudi Arabia, has bravely shared her harrowing experience of being impregnated by her Saudi master.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She endured extreme difficulties with food, sleep, and exploitation while in his employ. Despite traveling to Saudi Arabia with her sister’s help, she faced hostility and mistreatment from her employer.

Forced to endure days without proper nourishment or rest, she found herself trapped between her dire circumstances and the needs of her family back home.

Adding to her suffering, she was exploited by her employer’s brother, who took advantage of her vulnerabilities by withholding food and offering false financial aid.

“He won’t give me enough food. Sometimes, I would go for three days without eating. I also did not used to get enough sleep. I really wanted to quit, but when I remembered the problems back home, I decided to endure the hardships in the house,” she said in a part

“He would bring me some rice and soda. Sometimes, he would give me money, which I would later ask him to send to my family as my first three-month salary was going to my agent.” she added…CONTINUE READING>>

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