When it comes to your pursuit of a man, as a lady, you must not be fooled by love. Constantly include rationality into your decision-making; if you let love blind you, they will most certainly take advantage of you. This is because most men are masters at manipulating women to acquire what they want.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

So, no matter how much you admire someone, there are a few positive things you should never do, a couple of positive mistakes you should never make if you don’t want to be misled into thinking you’re in a relationship when you aren’t.

Here are five mistakes you should never make as a woman, no matter how much you like a man.

1. Doing his housework.

Do not obligate yourself to do his housework every time you visit him. You’ll be able to maintain your dignity and let him handle his tasks on his own. If you continue to make this mistake, you should recognize that the guy will only want to be with you because you are doing his duty.

2. Constantly cooking for him and his friends. Y

ou may assume you’re doing it to make his friends like you, but the truth is that he’s probably dating someone else, and his friends may not advise you, mostly because they don’t want to lose out on the sustenance you consistently prepare for them. As a result, you should never make this mistake.

3. Frequently calling him.

Ladies avoid frequently calling a man now and then simply because you like him. This is because, as time passes, your calls might begin to irritate him or begin to be a disturbance when he is busy, which is why, no matter how much you like him, you should keep your distance.

You should let him show you that he loves you as much as you love him, which is why you shouldn’t phone him every time.

4. Don’t make the mistake of disrespecting your mother.

No matter how much you appreciate a person or how many parcels you believe he adores you, never, ever, ever take his mother for granted. Men don’t like it if you abuse their mother when he is not around.

5. being the first person to say, “I love you”

A non-marital relationship is all about the balance of power, or who is in charge of the relationship. Normally, the female is always on top of things, as the male is still trying to win her heart. The power shifts, however, when the woman falls in love with the male and says, “I love you” first.

This will be even more embarrassing if he doesn’t repeat the same phrases to you. As a result, you must use extra caution to avoid making these mistakes….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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