Labour Party Don’t Even Know They Scored More Than Result Announced By INEC In Lagos Until We Told Them – Bwala

One of the spokespersons for Atiku Abubakar, Dr. Daniel Bwala said that Labour Party do not even know that they scored more than the result announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) until they (PDP) told them.

Daniel Bwala made the statement in an interview with Channels Television during the Politics Today program and Seun Okinbaloye asked him where are we going from here since PDP is claiming that they won the presidential election and Labour Party is also saying they won the election.

The PDP chieftain, Daniel Bwala said that Labour Party also claiming they won shouldn’t confuse Nigerians. According to him, the Labour Party don’t even have results and that the results Labour Party has, they were the one who gave them because Labour Party do not have polling agents in most places. He asked the Lagos result who fave Labour Party?

Seun Okinbaloye interrupted that what did he mean by saying they gave results to Labour Party

Bwala clarified that,

“The Lagos result that was announced by INEC, Labour Party we’re misled into believing that the result announced by INEC was the actual result they got until we told them that they actually got more than that and it is from the result sheets that we have.”

Bwala then said that on who wins, by the time the court finally determines who wins, they will see they beat APC with wide margins.

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