Police in Kenya have been built into communities across the country over the years mostly for security measures.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Despite Kenya police salary varying, their main functions are to uphold the law, prevent crime, respond to emergencies, and offer support services.

In order to deal with illegal situations, the Kenya police are also legally permitted to impose non-negotiable measures when dealing with unlawful issues.

In this article, Times Digital is going to explore Kenya police salary and how much allowances they get each month as they do their recommendable jobs.

Yes, of course. But for you to join Kenya police, you’ll have to meet a few requirements.

According to the Kenya police website, Kenyans aged between 18 and 28 who have a KCSE certificate are eligible to join them.

Also those who are the above age range and up to 30 years old should have been Diploma or degree holders.

Additionally, if you qualify for the above, you should not be having any criminal related case or criminal convictions in the past.

This happens to be the inspector general of police of Kenya who is seemingly the highest ranked officer in the country.

Inspector of police salary in Kenya is an estimated ksh 852, 241 per month.

According to Tuko, the constables earn around Shs. 32,880 per month which makes them earn way less than fresh graduates from other fields. So this makes the graduate police salary in Kenya one of the lowest paid salaries among the workers of the same level.

OCS salary in Kenya ranges from Shs. 70,000 to Shs. 120,000 per month.

Traffic police salary in Kenya and Administration salary & allowances is between Shs. 17,190 to Shs.180,090…CONTINUE READING>>

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