Justin Bieber’s Face Paralysed By Virus, Asks Fans To Pray For Him

Global music sensation, Justin Bieber has reached out to fans concerning the state of his health currently.

The music icon shared his situation via a video he posted on his verified Instagram page.

He started by apologising for halting a lot of projects, saying that it was necessary for his health.

He then went on to reveal that he was diagnosed with Ramsey Hunts syndrome.

Ramsey Hunts syndrome is a disorder that is caused when a virus finds its way to the ear. The virus then begins to paralyse the nerves of the face. That is the present condition Justin finds himself in.

In the video Justin posted, one side of his face was paralyzed and he couldn’t blink his eyes or smile with that one side.

He went on to assure fans that the condition is treatable and that he’s going to allow his body rest and follow his prescribed face massage routines.

We hope Justin gets better soon.

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