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1. Adam

Most of us are familiar with the tale of Adam, the first human to be created from a perfect substance. When he was created, he was among the most fortunate individuals and was designed to resemble a divinity, but because of sin, he altered the course of his destiny.

Adam and God had a close relationship characterized by frequent contact and talks, and God would speak to Adam as if he were a friend. Because of his most recent rebellion against God, Adam was expelled from the Garden of Eden, where he had spent his whole life interacting with the Creator.

2. Moses

According to the narratives in the Holy Scriptures, he is one of the most well-known prophets. Some of the miracles performed by God via Moses are quite incredible.

The Torah, which Moses himself penned, has numerous accounts of times when he had to converse directly with God. A thorough description of these interactions can be found in the Torah. Moses pleaded with God to expose his face to him at one point, but God figuratively turned his back on him and displayed his front to spare his life.

In any case, in the book of Numbers, chapter 12 and verse 8, God himself states that when he interacts with Moses, they interact face to face in the same way as a friend would speak with a companion. Moses serves as an example of a prophet who would communicate with God. Confrontation with confrontation is preferable over achieving harmony through dreams and dreams.

3. Eve

A little later, after deciding that it was not good for man to exist alone, God created Eve as Adam’s helper and buddy. God decided that it was unhealthy for a man to dwell alone, so He made Eve. She was both God’s immediate creation and a mortal because that is how she was made, so she had the power to perceive God.

Because they disobeyed God, which put an end to their relationship with him, they were all expelled from the garden of Eden.

4. The prophet Isaiah

The king had a renowned prophet named Isaiah in addition to Moses. He had incredible contact with both God and other humans. He was a prophet in Israel at a time when the people had turned away from God, and despite his repeated warnings, they did not pay attention to what he had to say.

He was forced to go around naked at one point, among other horrors. In the opening verse of the sixth chapter of the book of Isaiah, Isaiah relates the time when he witnessed a vision of God. At this time, Isaiah was being summoned by God to assume a legitimate role as his prophet in Israel.

Isaiah recalls how he felt filthy and in need of the seraphim’s purification in his description of his first encounter with God.

5. The Apostle John

The book of Revelation, written by John, Jesus’ most cherished disciple, is one of the books that are among the hardest to find. It details the astonishing encounters and visions that John had concerning the end of the world and the impending return of Jesus Christ.

These meetings and dreams provide insight into what will happen at that very moment. He was the disciple who, symbolically speaking, left without using excessive force.

In the book, John writes about his recent appearance before God, where he saw the happenings he had previously written about in the book of Disclosures. John also shares his experiences….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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