One person lost his life on Saturday morning following a road accident involving a lorry and a saloon car at Mugaya area along the Kagumo-Mutito Road, Kirinyaga County....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Eyewitnesses told Citizen Digital that the beer-ferrying lorry, en route to Kagumo, overturned when its driver attempted to manoeuvre past potholes on the road, resulting in it falling onto the saloon car and instantly claiming the life of its occupant.

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Kirinyaga County firefighters faced significant challenges in retrieving the deceased’s body trapped in the mangled saloon car.

Both vehicles were towed to Kerugoya Police Station while the deceased’s body was ferried to Kerugoya Mortuary for storage pending identification.

Area residents, led by Nominated MCA Bosco Gichangi, have since urged the government to renovate the dilapidated road to avoid similar accidents in future.

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“The lorry driver was trying to avoid the potholes when the accident happened, worrying that this road is full of potholes and we have written to Kenha and we are still waiting for their responses,” Bosco Gichangi, Nominated MCA  in the county assembly of Kirinyaga.

“The lorry driver was attempting to avoid the potholes when the accident occurred. The road is full of potholes. We have submitted a letter to KeNHA on the same and we are awaiting their response,” said Gichangi..CONTINUE READING>>

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