Reading Time: 2 minutes The w*r of words between Kapseret MP Osc*r Sudi and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is escalating, pointing out a fallout within the Kenya Kwanza administration.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Speaking on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at AIC Kipkorgot Church, Kapsoya W*rd, Ainabkoi Const*tuency, Sudi w*rned that he could not be cowed by the second in c*mmand.

This follows sentiments by Gachagua on Sat**day in which he w*rned leaders from Rift Valley, including Sudi, against meddling with Mt Kenya politics.

“Sasa iko watu engine mumeshikana hapa Rift Valley na vijana engine huko kwetu ati mnapanga siasa ya 2032, nyinyi mnataka k*mridhi rais Wi*liam Ruto akiwa hai? Sasa hii upuzi ya 2032 ni ya nini? Can we focus? So the problem Senator Mand**o, is a few leaders of this region who have proximity to the president. Mnakoroga siasa ya huko kwetu, kudanganya watu ati waanze kupanga mambo ya 2032,” Gachagua said.

According to Gachagua, every leader should focus on the politics of their region and avoid plotting on the politics of other regions.

“Naomba watu wa Bonde la ufa tafadhali sisi tuliunga rais mkono kwa hiari yetu na kupenda, na tunaendelea k*muunga mkono, tunaomba heshima kidogo, msijaribu kutupangia siasa ya mlima Kenya na uongozi wa Mlima Kenya, nyinyi mpange siasa yenu na uongozi wenu.

Siku Wi*liam Ruto atastaafu after 10 years sisi hatutaingilia vile mnataka kupanga, nyinyi mtapanga wenyewe. Siasa ya huko kwetu hamuezani nayo, ni ngumu sana.The politics of the mountain is so c*mplicated it can only be understood by the mountaineers,” Gachagua added.

In response, Sudi told Gachagua that he cannot control where he goes or how he han*les his political affairs.

“You cannot control where I go. If we all stayed in our respective const*tuencies then we could not be in government. We had to fly all over the country to ask Kenyans to elect this government.

I am not someone you can threaten. I have been threatened enough and this does not move me,” Sudi, a close ally of President Wi*liam Ruto, told Gachagua.

Sudi said he would not cease holding fundraisers anywhere in the country, a thing he says he inherited from President Wi*liam Ruto.

“You know I got this thing from Ruto. He pa*sed it to me because now he is concentrating on national matters. So I have to continue doing this in any part of the country,” Sudi added.

The bitter exchange c*mes even as reports of emerging cracks within the government between one faction led by President Wi*liam Ruto and another led by Gachagua….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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