National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah has blamed recent attacks on MPs by members of the public on “political scavengers.”....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Ichung’wah further blamed the recent wave of anti-government protests by the youth on the same ‘political scavengers.’

“The things you have witnessed happening in Kenya recently were because of political scavengers. People who wanted to divide our country first along ethnic lines. Political scavengers who even wanted to divide our country along class lines,” he said.

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah speaking in Kajiado on July 10, 2024.

Speaking in Kajiado on Wednesday, the National Assembly Majority Leader, who is also the MP for Kikuyu asked “political scavengers” to wait for elections in 2027.

“Let them come and sell their agenda to the people of Kenya who will look at their development track record. Kenyans are bright people. They cannot allow to be divided along tribal lines. Let us tell those political scavengers, woe on to them, Kenyans are way ahead of you,” he said.

The MP said Kenyans will vote for their leaders based on their track records

Some MPs mostly from the ruling Kenya Kwanza coalition who voted for the controversial Finance Bill, 2024 which sparked protests across the country, were on the receiving end after angry protesters attacked them, vandalised their homes and targeted their businesses.

More than 20 lawmakers have reported cases of physical assault to the police.

Some of them had their homes vandalised or burned and businesses looted by angry constituents.

Police authorities have since ordered the deployment of armed officers to the rural homes of some MPs after the attacks.

Police commanders say they are facing a high demand for security at the rural homes of the MPs and especially those who voted for the Finance Bill 2024.

Apart from the homes, the demonstrators also targeted National Government Constituency Development Fund offices. This is where most MPs have their offices…CONTINUE READING>>

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