Dorossila, who is the mother to nine-year-old Chance, tells the story of how she mistook her daughter’s kidney failure for pregnancy as it has resulted in an alarming swelling of the belly.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The mother of two tells of how she got pregnant before marriage, and the man responsible promised to marry her after she had given birth to her first child, Chance. True to his words, the man took her and their daughter, and they lived together.

However, after Chance’s condition began to show, the man neglected them and went to Uganda, having already given birth to a second child with another woman. Dorossila was left to deal with her daughter’s condition by herself.

Dorossila says she was quick to judge her daughter because at first, she thought she was pregnant. But when she took her to the hospital for further check-ups, the doctors diagnosed her with kidney failure, which needed to be fixed.

She says that the prices were too high for her to reach, so the doctors ended up giving the daughter mild pain relievers. They were forced to stay at the hospital for a year, where the doctors sent her back home because she was unable to raise money for her daughter’s kidney surgery.

Having no option, Dorossila took her daughter home, where the daughter continued to undergo challenges of lack of medicine and esteem issues because other children her age laughed at her, saying she is pregnant. The mother says that this makes her spend all day inside the house.

It’s hard for her to work nowadays since most of the time she has to keep an eye on her daughter, something that quite challenges her, as she is the sole provider since she has no helper, as the husband neglected them.

Dorossila is now urging and pleading with well-wishers to help her raise $13,680 in order to be able to take her daughter for treatment so that she can lead a normal life like other children and go back to school, as she cannot even study at the moment…CONTINUE READING>>

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