In a video which is trending on tiktok, a lady has narrated how she stated sleeping with old men at very early age in order to provide food for her siblings and her mother.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She said that when her father died, there were a lot of challenges in their home which made them go hungry for a whole day. She was the first born in the family of 3 children.

She said that due to poverty, she started seducing drunk men in her village and sleep with them because of money, she said she could be given 1000 or 2000 at most. She used this money to buy food for her family.

She said that the first time to do this she was paid 500. She said that even a man who married her, she loved him because she was giving her food to take to her family.

“I started sleeping with men at the age of 19 years to feed my family,I used to seduce old drunk men in my village,they paid me 1000 or 2000 at most. All money that I used to get I used them to buy food” she said…CONTINUE READING>>

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