Irene has narrated how she regrets refusing to sleep with a tractor driver who had offered to take her home as she was attacked by a hyena at night....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to her, After completing Form Four, she pursued a librarian course. Her friend connected her with a job in a city, but she arrived late, and the position was given to someone else.

Since she didn’t want to return to the village, she looked for someone to employ her as a house girl. She found one, but she had forgotten her ID at home. The lady gave her fare to go back home and get the ID.

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Upon arriving at the stage, she had lost her fare. While stranded, she saw a tractor driver and asked if he was going in her direction. Luckily, he was, and he offered her a ride.

When they approached a certain area at night, the man made advances and asked her to sleep with him. She refused, and the driver threw her out of the tractor and drove off. As she waited for another transport, a wild animal attacked her.

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A good Samaritan saw her and called for help. When assistance arrived, they scared off the animal, and she was taken to the hospital. One of her hands was severely injured and had to be amputated. She spent three months in the hospital before being discharged.

She regrets the decision she made that night because she believes she wouldn’t have faced all that hardship. Now, she lives with her mother and depends on her since she can’t work. This situation brings her to tears because she had aspirations to support her mother, but now she relies on her..CONTINUE READING>>

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