Margaret narrated how she regrets her decision of being a lesbian which affected her parent’s health status after they realized it.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

It all began when she was in primary school. She used to play and sit next to girls she never liked boys even if the teachers would rea arrange their sitting position and put her next to a boy, she would exchange the boy next to her with a girl.

The real thing started manifesting when a girl who was her deskmate hugged her to bid her goodbye after school. The girl told her that she loved her and that was how it all started she felt something.

Her parents never suspected anything and would even cong6her for not developing relationships with boys like some of her friends. After joining secondary school which was a girl’s school, she met other girls who were into lesbianism.

She started a relationship with the girls where they could share the beds while some would steal laboratory apparatus and use them to quench their sexual thirst. After joining campus, she continued with her behaviours.

She even realized there are bracelets and types of earrings used by the group for easy identification. She dated married women who would spoil her with goodies others would take her to parties during weekends.

Her parents who are pastors are very prayerful. According to her, her mother was shown in a dream about her daughter’s evil practices. When she asked her about it, she admitted it but it took several years before she could agree to change.

She could promise to change but that never happened. Her parents fell sick due to stress, when her siblings revealed to her that she was the cause of her parent’s sickness, she chose to reform after going for several sessions of deliverance and counseling…CONTINUE READING>>

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