A bride was thrilled to be finally marrying the love of her life – but everything came crashing down after she noticed a glaring red flag during her partner’s wedding speech....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The 26-year-old newlywed had been sitting with the realisation for several days when she finally shared her concerns online.

‘My husbandis very sweet and kind,’ she said on Reddit. ‘We got married recently and during his speech, he said: “When we were dating, I knew I had to marry you, as nobody can tolerate you better than me, and I love tolerating you”.’

While she laughed at the joke along with everyone else, something about the jab did not sit right with her.

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‘I do get giddy and too excited if I am happy, and I talk a lot, while my husband is calm, patient, and always listens – I can see why it could be annoying,’ she admitted.

A bride noticed a glaring red flag during her partner’s wedding speech. The woman wondered if other people also experienced their spouse making similar jokes at their expense. One commenter provided a detailed explanation about why such ‘jokes’ have become commonplace.

‘I hate jokes like that,’ she said. ‘You see it all the time at weddings how men are becoming “trapped” by marrying their wives. I’ve even seen men hold up “help me” signs.

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‘I find them disrespectful. I’d personally be p*ssed because your husband should love the bones off of you and think you’re easily the most amazing person on earth, not ‘tolerate’ you or even think you’re difficult to manage.

‘People think these jokes are funny in the moment because the truth is that we live in a patriarchal, misogynistic society where we’re conditioned to think men ‘putting up with’ their wives is a funny, unanimous experience.’

Another said, ‘This is a way people have of letting others know that they’re not good enough and lowering their self esteem.’

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But not everyone took issue with the ‘innocent’ comment.

‘All humans are obnoxious, annoying, and frustrating in their own way, and in a good relationship, you are not driven crazy by the other person’s quirks. You love their quirks and see their flaws as part of what makes them someone you love,’ one said.

‘I can see how in this moment, that comment felt weird to you. Unless he normally makes disparaging comments to you, I wouldn’t take it as an insult,’ another added..CONTINUE READING>>

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