A man identified as George has revealed how he poisoned his late father due to anger he had towards him because of beating up his mom and abandoning his duties as a father. He regrets doing the act and asks his family to forgive him.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He was born and raised in Kayole, kenya. According to him, his father was a drunkard, and he would return home in the evening and start beating his mother for no reason. He would also beat him and his siblings for no reason.

He would pour the food whenever he found them cooking or eating, yet he never used to provide any to them. He had abandoned his duties as a father. His mother was the one responsible for feeding them and paying school fees.

He said that many times they used to sleep outside because their father used to kick them out. In the morning, he would claim that what he did was the influence of alcohol and pride, and promise not to repeat, but that didn’t happen.

One day when he was 11 years old, he was tired of him and planned on how to eliminate him so that their life can be better. He took some money from his mother and bought poison, which he added to his father’s tea. After his father finished his breakfast, he started complaining of stomach pain.

He ran away and left him to die. He died, and the police collected his body. After two days, he started feeling guilty and ran away from home. He joined a gang that used to terrorize the people in Kayole by stealing from them.

He claims that he is now a changed person and pleads with his family members to forgive him for what he did. He has never seen them ever since he left their home…CONTINUE READING>>

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