The man Ego met on the bus while traveling to Abuja must have charmed her with his tender care or probably the freebies he bought for her on transit did the job....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

They were already couples before they got to their destination, only wait­ing for the bus to stop for them to head for their honeymoon. That same day, she followed the man to his house and made love to him passionately.

Ego was probably not expecting to be pregnant after sleeping with a man she barely knew without protection. Few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant, and worst still she couldn’t remember anything about the man, not even his name.

“I was on the bus traveling to Abuja. I was going to Abuja for an interview. I just finished school and in a hurry to get a job. My little savings from my NYSC allowance was almost finished, and I needed to land myself a good job as soon as possible.

“At the bus terminal in Lagos, I noticed a man arguing seriously with a tout who has packed plenty loads at the foot of his seat. He in­sisted the loads must be removed or they should refund his money. The heated argument went front and back and finally the manager of the company intervened.

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“Immediately we moved from the bus station, the guy, who was almost violent few moments ago, became very charming and sweet to me.

As the bus moved, he bought different things that kept our mouth busy as we journeyed. Meanwhile his eyes never left my side. The way we related, one would think we had known each other for long. We chatted away till we got to Abuja.

“I had already made arrange­ments to stay with a friend during my stay in Abuja but this guy was able to convince me to follow him to his house. Like one under a spell I willing followed him to his sup­posed house.

“When we got to his house I be­have so foolishly like one drunken in love, I allowed him to make love to me severally that night without protection, and when I came back from Abuja, I found out I was preg­nant for a man I didn’t know.

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“He gave me a name but I couldn’t remember his name after the day I left his place. I don’t think I would be able to identify him if I passed him on the road and I won’t identify the place we went to that night. I don’t remember anything about him. It all happened like magic.

“I was not scared of being preg­nant. My fears were not being able to present the person responsible for my pregnancy.

“I became very worried. I tried calling his line but another wom­an picked the call and said she was his wife. And she warned me not to call the line again without even knowing who I was. So, he was married and he didn’t tell me. This time around I knew I was in a bigger mess.

“I didn’t tell anyone about it be­cause I was ashamed. Out of pan­ic, I took several things to get rid of the pregnancy. Luckily for me, I was able to.

“This secret has been on my mind since then. I have not been able to share it with anyone. I am married now, I just wanted to let it out of my mind, and to encourage young, naive girls not to pay atten­tion to any guy that says hello to them on transit, especially those ones that act too friendly. Most of them intentionally ask those selling tickets to put a lady close to their seat.”

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Dear Ego, your experience must have given you a bad im­pression of men on transit. I won’t agree with you totally be­cause not every man on transit wants to sleep with any girl sit­ting next to him.

There are good ones too on transit, it all depends on the lady. Men are known to be ever ready to grab opportunities like that. It is the lady that has to set the standard. I am glad that you have realised your mistake and chosen to share it here for others to learn.

However, I must say for no reason should a lady and even a guy follow someone you met on the bus to his or her house. Aside from sex, one’s life can be endangered. You can always ex­change contacts if you want the conversation to continue..CONTINUE READING>>

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