A young man from Uganda has shared his story of how he got addicted to his aunty’s nude pictures and videos that forced him into masturbation.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to the young man, he was invited by her aunt to her birthday party. He noted that her aunt is young and beautiful and the age gap between them is just five years though he did not reveal his actual age.

He continued that at the party, his aunt reached out to him to help her download a certain app onto her phone.

The guy said he had the app and decided to xender it to her after which he decided to go through her gallery.

Interestingly, he said he saw naked photos and videos of her aunty so he transferred them onto his phone as well.

Aftermath the party, the young guy said each time he visits his gallery, there is this burning sensation in him that tells him to masturbate and he does.

He said he has forced himself to stop this act but the irresistible body of her aunty and her perfection have totally taken control of him.

As it stands, the man said he will run as much as his tiny legs can carry him if his aunty calls him to come over to her house to make love to her…CONTINUE READING>>

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