John, shares his unconventional journey of relationships, where he allowed his wife to have a boyfriend due to her role as the Breadwinner. John found work as a house agent.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

His love story began when he met his wife, and they built a life together, blessed with three children. However, His wife was a social person and according to him, she used to socialize more with men.

After some years he noticed she was cheating on him with another man. After confronting her, she left, eventually relocating and forming a relationship with another woman. Despite the challenges, John found solace in his employment as a driver for a wealthy widow, who eventually became his partner.

Open to non-traditional arrangements, John accepted his partner’s introduction of another man into their relationship, finding a sense of equality and satisfaction.

Tragically, the passing of his partner led to eviction by their children. Now seeking a partner who will provide support without heartbreak, John’s journey reflects the complexities of modern relationships and the quest for healing…CONTINUE READING>>

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