A woman who chose to remain anonymous and did not disclose her face has shared a deep secret. According to her, she has slept with all her male cousins and does not feel guilty or regret her actions.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She recounted the first instance during a birthday party organized by their aunt for one of her sons. They partied the whole night, enjoying some drinks. No parents were present, and all the other friends had their girlfriends and boyfriends with them.

She and her cousin, who were both without partners, ended up falling for each other and slept together that night. The second instance occurred during a visit to their grandparents. She got attracted to one of her cousins who lives abroad, and they also ended up sleeping together.

She revealed that she has slept with all her male cousins and does not feel guilty or regret it, stating that she was just having fun. She is now dating one of her cousins and claims she does not get attracted to men outside her family.

People have shared varied opinions about her confession. Some claim that she is possessed and needs deliverance, while others believe she is guilty despite her claims of indifference, noting that this is why she made the confession. Others have pointed out that her decision to hide her face indicates guilt, and many have condemned her actions, warning that such behavior could bring a curse to her generation…CONTINUE READING>>

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