Famous gospel artist Sarah has narrated that she has four kids, all from different fathers.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to Sarah, her first pregnancy came when she was still working as a house girl. When she broke the news to her boyfriend, he ran away and left her.

She went back to her parents’ house, and after five years, she met another man who married her with the child. However, after she got pregnant and delivered a baby boy, they had a misunderstanding, and the man left her.

She claims that life was not easy taking care of the two kids. Then, she met a man who was a police officer. He married her with the two kids and was taking good care of them. But after she got pregnant, the man left her while she was heavily pregnant.

Sarah decided to stay alone and take care of her three kids. She moved to Naivasha to start a new life and joined a church where the pastor told her that the Lord had shown him that she would have a husband. After a few months, she got married.

She claims that a few months later, she got pregnant with her fourth child, and the man ran away and left her in the house without anything. She ended up selling all her household items to get money for her delivery.

Sarah is now living with her aunt and her four kids. She says that life is not easy, but she hopes she will manage to take care of them…CONTINUE READING>>

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